News - The Spectator renews print contract with Wyndeham

Wyndeham announces that The Spectator magazine has renewed its print contract with the group until 2020. Circulation of the weekly magazine achieved record levels in the latest ABC results, with a combined print and digital circulation of 85,171 for the six months to 31 December 2017, up 7% year-on-year. The Spectator will celebrate its 190th birthday in July.

The Spectator has been printed by Wyndeham for 19 years and is currently produced at Wyndeham Peterborough, one of the group’s four web-offset printing sites. Following delivery of the files from the publisher, production and dispatch is turned around within a matter of hours, enabling the publication to be available on the newsstand the following morning. Wyndeham also manages the fulfilment and subscription mailing process, and sources the supply and management of paper in an integrated end-to-end publishing solution.

Paul Utting, chief executive officer, Walstead Group (parent company of Wyndeham), said: “The Spectator is a long-standing client of Wyndeham and its success demonstrates how print magazines are still thriving. The publication is produced to an extremely tight schedule and demonstrates Wyndeham Peterborough’s expertise in dealing with time-sensitive weekly products.”