To apply for any of the below vacancies, please submit a written application to:

Sharon Webb – Bicester

Sharon DrewPeterborough

Meg Wells – all other sites 

An Information for Candidates Notice can be found here.

Please ensure that you inform your Manager if applying for an internal vacancy outside your current department or at a different site.      

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VacancyLocationClosing Date
Accounts Payable Assistant – Part-timeGroup - based at Colchester HQ20th May 2022
Procurement AdministratorGroup - based at Colchester HQ20th May 2022
Junior DesignerRhapsody20th May 2022
Despatch Team LeaderBicester20th May 2022
Forklift Truck DriverBicester20th May 2022
No 1, No 2 and No 3 Web PrintersBicester20th May 2022
Segbert OperatorsBicester20th May 2022
Ferag OperatorsBicester20th May 2022
Customer Service RepresentativePeterborough20th May 2022
CVM OperatorPeterborough20th May 2022
Reelhand OperatorPeterborough20th May 2022
Rotoman No 1 and No 2 PrintersPeterborough20th May 2022
Assistant AccountantRoche20th May 2022
Bindery AssistantRoche20th May 2022
Forklift Truck DriverRoche20th May 2022
No 1 Binder OperatorRoche20th May 2022
No 1 Stitcher OperatorRoche21st May 2022
No 1 Web PrinterRoche20th May 2022
No 3 ReelhandRoche20th May 2022