News - Keeping Print Safe

In a recent Attitude to Hygiene survey on printed matter found in doctors’ waiting rooms, hairdressers, in-flight and left on public transport, the results showed that more than 80% of readers perceived that it is possible for germs to be transmitted by touching a paper product that has been handled previously. 

Though the most recent scientific research indicates that the risk of contamination to printed materials is low, at Walstead UK safety is our primary concern. As a result, we have partnered with antimicrobial coating suppliers to give clients the option of applying this treatment to their print products and help prevent the spread of germs, especially on those items that are handled by multiple readers. These additives are used extensively in the textile industry and have now been adapted for use on other substances, including paper!

The technology works by releasing silver ions on demand, which in turn safely inhibit bacterial growth. This coating is applied during the text printing process and the same principle can be applied for cover finishes, be it varnishes or lamination.

This new innovation is to help reassure any concerned readers that the industry is determined to reduce germ transmission from printed products. From the front cover to the back and everywhere in between, we can make the printed publication as safe as possible.

At Walstead UK we are able to apply antimicrobial coatings without changing the look, feel or colour of print while promoting increased readership for you.

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